Graf Mur (graf_mur) wrote,
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Европейские расценки дорожного строительства

European highway construction costs evaluated

A STUDY of highway construction costs in eight European countries highlights Austria as the most expensive.

The report says that highways in Austria cost €12.87 million/km. The next most expensive country is Hungary
at €11.21 million/km, followed by Slovakia at €9.56 million/km and then the Czech Republic at €8.86 million/km. At the other end of the spectrum, costs in Denmark are only €5.89 million/km, in Croatia €6.682 million/km, in Slovenia €7.29 million/km and in Germany €8.24 million/km.

Terrain can increase costs significantly and construction of highways in mountainous terrain is most expensive in Germany at €25.99 million/km followed by Austria with €24.97 million/km, with the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia following in descending order.

Construction of tunnels is most expensive in the
Czech Republic, then in Germany and Hungary.

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